All States Package

A Tax Package for all States and all years!

Part-year residents of Colorado, or full-year residents who have income from other states, often have to file income tax returns with multiple states. To meet the needs of these taxpayers, Rocke Tax & Financial has put together an excellent All States Tax Package!

Full-Year Colorado Residents: If you have income from other states, you may be required to file a Non-Resident tax return for those states. If you pay income tax in those other states, you may be due a credit on your Resident Colorado return.

Part-Year Colorado Residents: If you moved into (or out of) Colorado during the last tax year, you will probably have to file at least two (2) Part-Year Resident State tax returns.?This is different from a Non-Resident status.

Residents of Other States: You too can have the expertise of Rocke Tax even if you live far from the office. We prepare federal tax returns for clients all over the United States. We prepare all years for all states. Go to the E-Client Tab.

Tax laws can be complex when a person resided in, or had income from, more than one state source. Penalties are to be expected for failure to comply with all states’ tax laws.

Katie has the knowledge and experience to file your state tax returns. She has the software for all states and the ability to file electronically. You do not need to bring in the paper booklets from your former state.

FEE: One (1) state tax return is already included in your Individual 1040 Package.

Additional state tax returns cost only $150 each most of the time.

CHECKLIST: In addition to the items listed in our Individual Tax Checklist, please provide a complete copy of the last federal and state tax return that you filed.

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* Most additional state tax returns are only $150 each. If your state tax return is complex, the office will contact you with a firm quote before proceeding with the work.