Individual Tax Checklist

Tax Time Checklist for 1040 Clients

Below is a list of items that you should bring with you.

  1. New Clients: A copy of last year’s tax return with state.
  2. Proof of health insurance if you were covered in 2014.
  3. Any changes to marital status, dependents from last year’s return?
  4. Dependents: Social Security card and one (1) other identification for child such as medical or school papers.
  5. Form W-2 (Wages and Salaries)
  6. Form 1099-B (Sales of stocks, mutual funds, bonds)
  7. Form 1099-R (Pensions and IRA Distributions)
  8. Form 1099-SSA (Social Security benefits)
  9. Form 1099-INT & DIV (Interest / Dividends) (Also, tax exempt int/div)
  10. Form 1099-G (state income tax refund / unemployment)
  11. Royalty income and expenses
  12. K-1’s from partnerships, trusts, estates, S-corps
  13. Other income (jury duty, gambling winnings, etc.)
  14. HUD statement for new home purchased or old home sold.
  15. Contributions to IRA’s Keogh’s, and SEP’s (Bring Statements)
  16. Alimony paid or received
  17. Tuition and fees paid for higher education
  18. List of out of pocket medical, dental copays totaled up. The insurance premiums listed separately.
  19. Automobile registration form for ownership tax
  20. Home mortgage interest paid and real estate taxes paid. (Form 1098)
  21. List of cash/check charitable contributions with receipts.
  22. List of non-cash contributions (items given to ARC, Goodwill, Etc.)
  23. List of un-reimbursed employee business expenses (auto, hotels, supplies)
  24. List of miscellaneous expenses (tax prep fee, union & professional dues, etc.)
  25. Childcare expenses (name, address, Federal ID number of provider) and amount paid for EACH child. Bring statements.
  26. Federal & State estimated taxes paid for the tax year:
    Date: ___________ Amount: ___________

If you own rental property, you should bring:

  1. A list showing Gross Receipts for each rental unit.
  2. Detailed depreciation schedule (New Clients).
  3. Expenses for each rental unit such as: property tax, mortgage interest, insurance, condo fees, lawn service, etc. Bring mortgage statements.
  4. A list of capital items purchased during the tax year for each unit. The list should show the date of purchases, a description of each item and cost. Bring receipts.

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