Business Tax Checklist

Below is a business tax checklist of items that you should bring with you.

  1. New clients should bring the last federal and state tax return filed for the business, Articles of Incorporation/Organization, Form 2553 if electing S-Corporation status, letter from the IRS showing EIN and type of entity. Sales tax returns, if applicable.
  2. Business income and expenses. A list of expenses is acceptable if they are categorized and the total for the tax year is given. Do not bring receipts or bank statements. Corporations should bring a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. Bring any 1099s that your customers issued to you.
  3. Vehicle Information for Business Standard Mileage:
    – Year, make & model of vehicles used for business.
    – A mileage log with dates, miles and business purpose.
    – Total miles driven during the tax year. Business miles driven.
    – Beginning & Ending Odometer readings.
  4. Vehicle Information for Actual Business Mileage:
    – All of the above need for standard mileage.
    – A list of expenses for gasoline, oil changes, tires and repairs.
    – A list of insurance, plates, registration, interest on loan.
  5. Payroll forms Please print out or scan and bring the following:
    – Form W-3 (Summary of all W-2s issued). Most Important!!!
    – Copy of all forms W-2 issued to employees.
    – Copy of all 1099s issued to sub-contractors.
    – SUTA (State Unemployment forms) FUTA (Form 940).
  6. Capital Items purchased during the tax year (bring receipts). If it cost $500+, it is probably a capital item.

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You may bring paper docs in the office when I am here. OR You may drop them in the mail slot in my office door.

Building Hours are 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM Weekdays.
8:30 AM to NOON on Saturdays.

You may email them to me using PDF only ATTACHED to an email. Do NOT use “jpg”. Do NOT use a cell phone. Do not send a link to DropBox. Do not send or use a zip file. Do not send INSIDE an email. We are a paperless office, therefore, We do NOT have a fax machine.

The IRS has VERY STRICT record retention rules. I have to follow their rules. Thank you so much for coming in this year.

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