Business Tax Checklist

Below is a business tax checklist of items that you should bring with you for your tax consultation.

  1. New clients should bring the last federal and state tax return filed for the business, Articles of Incorporation/Organization, Form 2553 if electing S-Corporation status, letter from the IRS showing EIN and type of entity. Sales tax returns, if applicable.
  2. Business income and expenses. A list of expenses is acceptable if they are categorized and the total for the tax year is given. Do not bring receipts or bank statements. Corporations should bring a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. Bring any 1099s that your customers issued to you.
  3. Vehicle Information for Business Standard Mileage:
    – Year, make & model of vehicles used for business.
    – A mileage log with dates, miles and business purpose.
    – Total miles driven during the tax year. Business miles driven.
    – Beginning & Ending Odometer readings.
  4. Vehicle Information for Actual Business Mileage:
    – All of the above need for standard mileage.
    – A list of expenses for gasoline, oil changes, tires and repairs.
    – A list of insurance, plates, registration, interest on loan.
  5. Payroll forms Please print out and bring the following:
    – Form W-3 (Summary of all W-2s issued). Most Important!!!
    – Copy of all forms W-2 issued to employees.
    – Copy of all 1099s issued to sub-contractors.
    – SUTA (State Unemployment forms) FUTA (Form 940).
  6. Capital Items purchased during the tax year (bring receipts). If it cost $500+, it is probably a capital item.

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You may bring paper docs in the office when I am here. OR You may drop them in the mail slot in my office door.

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You may email them to me using PDF only ATTACHED to an email. Use ONLY the “k2rocke” password OR no password. Do NOT use “jpg”. Do NOT use a cell phone. Do not send a link to DropBox. Do not send or use a zip file. Do not send INSIDE an email. We are a paperless office, therefore, We do NOT have a fax machine.

The IRS has VERY STRICT record retention rules. I have to follow their rules. Thank you so much for coming in this year.

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