Individual Tax Checklist

Tax Time Checklist for 1040 Clients

Below is a list of items that you should bring with you.

  1. New Clients: A copy of last year’s federal and state tax returns.
  2. Child’s social security card plus 1 other ID form.
  3. Driver’s license info.
  4. W-2s, 1099s, Social Security benefits,
  5. Brokerage Statements
  6. K-1s from partnerships, S-corporations, trusts, estates, etc.
  7. Other Income such as gaming, inheritance, sale of property, etc.
  8. Contributions to IRA’s, SEPs, etc.
  9. Alimony paid or received.
  10. Tuition statements for Education.
  11. List of out of pocket medical totaled up. Insurance premiums paid separately. (No receipts).
  12. Home mortgage statements. Real estate taxes paid.
  13. List of charitable contributions paid by check or credit card.
  14. List of non-cash contributions such as used clothing.
  15. Childcare Expenses: Bring statement from provider.
  16. List of federal and state estimated taxes. (Date/Amount).
  17. Rental Property: List gross rental income for each unit.
  18. List expenses for rental units and capital items purchased.
  19. Mortgage and property tax statement for rental property.

If you own rental property, you should bring:

  1. A list showing Gross Receipts for each rental unit.
  2. Detailed depreciation schedule (New Clients).
  3. Expenses for each rental unit such as: property tax, mortgage interest, insurance, condo fees, lawn service, etc. Bring mortgage statements. Do not bring receipts for expenses.
  4. A list of capital items purchased during the tax year for each unit. The list should show the date of purchases, a description of each item and cost. Bring receipts.

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You may bring paper docs in the office when I am here. OR You may drop them in the mail slot in my office door.

Building Hours are 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM Weekdays.
8:30 AM to NOON on Saturdays.

You may email them to me using PDF only ATTACHED to an email. Do NOT use “jpg”. Do NOT use a cell phone. Do not send a link to DropBox. Do not send or use a zip file. Do not send INSIDE an email. We are a paperless office; therefore, we do NOT have a fax machine. You may use a complex password on the file.

Do NOT put a password on EACH document. Please scan all documents in the SAME direction.

  • The IRS has VERY STRICT record retention rules. I have to follow their rules. Thank you so much for coming in this year.Your loyalty is sincerely appreciated.