IRS Tax Help & Representation

You Deserve the Best IRS Tax Help & Representation!

As a former IRS agent, Katie Rocke knows the ins and outs of the Internal Revenue Service. They are trained to extract damaging information from you by using leading and seemingly innocent questions. If you are contacted by the IRS, it is important that you DO NOT TALK TO THEM! HANG UP THE PHONE AND CALL (303) 456-5191 IMMEDIATELY!

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to talk to or meet with the IRS at all, Katie can do it for you on your behalf!

IRS Audit Help

Rocke Tax & IRS Representation can help you with:

  • Representing you before the IRS.
  • Preparing prior year tax returns, all years and all states.
  • IRS Audit Help.
  • Help with IRS collection problems, such as Installment Agreements and Offer in Compromise.
  • Request Abatement of Penalties.
  • Answer IRS letters on your behalf.
  • File amended tax returns.
  • Injured Spouse; Innocent Spouse.

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You may qualify for a FREE Offer in Compromise PRE-QUALIFIER or a FREE Installment Agreement Arrangement.