Rocke E-Clients Services: Get your tax returns prepared & IRS representation all over the Internet

How Does It Work?

Call my office and let’s talk for a few minutes. Let’s both be sure what the prep fee will be. Or, you can skip this step if you are comfortable with the prices quoted under the Tax Packages section.

  • Send your documents in PDF format (only) to katie@rocke.biz.
  • When scanning, press the “File” Button(pdf); not the “Image”.
  • Password protect your PDF attachments.
  • Email me the password in a separate email.
  • Cover Sheet with all contact info (cell phone, etc.), DOB (date of birth) and Drivers License number.
  • Go to Pay Now and pay the fee.
  • Your tax return will be emailed back to you when completed.
  • You review your tax return and sign the e-authorization forms & send them back to me.
  • I press the e-file button and your tax returns are sent to the IRS and state.