Business Tax Package

Basic Business Tax Preparation Package Includes:

Choice of One:

  • Schedule C Sole Proprietorship, or
  • Form 1120S, S-Corporation, or
  • Form 1120, Corporation, or
  • Form 1065 Partnership
  • That has no more than three (3) owners and
  • Has less than $250,000 of gross receipts and assets

Basic Fee Includes:

  • Depreciation Schedule, up to 20 entries
  • Vehicle Expenses calculations for up to two (2) autos
  • Shareholder/Partner basis computations for up to three (3) owners
  • Reconciliation of payroll forms 941, 940, and W-3s to tax return
  • E-filing for Federal and Colorado tax returns.
  • Set up of Estimated Payments for next tax year.
  • Quick phone calls throughout the year at no charge.

Audit Guarantee! If we make a calculation error, we pay any penalties on that error.

  • Prep Fee: $550 (less than $250K gross receipts and assets)
  • Prep Fee: $850 ($250K gross receipts and assets)
  • Fees for additional forms and schedules are available upon request.
  • Fee specifically excludes complex tax issues.

Cost is based on the books and records being organized into a financial statement format. The Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet should be submitted to CPA along with receipts for all capital items purchased during the tax year. If you do not have financial statements, please call me and we can decide what else would work.

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