Family Tax Package

Our Basic Family 1040 Tax Preparation Package Includes:

  • Form 1040, Page 1 & 2
  • Schedule A, Itemized Deductions *
  • Schedule B, Interest & Dividend Income **
  • Colorado Resident State Tax Return
  • E-Filing for both Federal and Colorado Returns
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Child Care Credit
  • Additional Child Care Credit
  • Child & Dependent Care Expenses
  • Education Expenses (For A Child In College)
  • Set Up Of Estimated Payments for next tax year
  • Quick phone calls throughout the year at no charge

Fast e-file refunds are sent directly to your bank account in about a week. No hidden fees! Your ENTIRE refund goes directly to you.

Prep Fee: $350

Don’t be fooled! When dealing with taxes, “The cheap becomes expensive!”

Prep fee specifically excludes brokerage statements, rental properties and businesses.

Fees for additional forms and schedules are available upon request.

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* Non-Cash donations up to $499
** Up to 10 entries
*** Additional fees apply if we represent you by Power of Attorney at an audit